March 24, 2007


Trying to gain weight?

You are underweight and you just can't understand the hoopla surrounding weight loss. You have been trying to put on weight for ages to no effect.
But spending hours in the gym without a regulated diet is pointless. Weight training goes hand in hand with a proper diet. Experts guide you along the way…

Calorie Count

Diet plays a very important role in a weight training program. "A high protein diet helps in building healthy weight.There is no absolute formula to determine the exact amount of calories one should take. It all depends on the person concerned. It depends on your height, weight, activity pattern, body composition and metabolic rate.

"Usually about 500 kilo calories per day helps increase your weight by half a kilo, However, if you are grossly underweight, you may be advised an increase of 1000 calories per day. This will increase your weight by one kg in a week.
But a calorie increase of more than 1000 calories per day is neither recommended nor practical. Your calorie intake has to be more than the energy used up by your body.
Keep a track of your calorie intake. Write down the total calories you are consuming in a day. From there, add about 500 calories. You can up your calorie intake if you don't see any difference.

The Right Diet

You need to gain healthy weight, not just fat. So along with a high protein and high calorie diet, go for a normal fat and carbohydrate diet.
"If this diet is planned according to the food pyramid, it will fulfill recommended dietary allowances of all essential vitamins and minerals,Also, instead of having the three regular meals, have smaller, more frequent meals (5-6 times a day). Don't ever skip meals. Eat the right amount of food and at the right time.

Ideally you have to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But drink an additional litre if you are working out.

A good diet and weight training should also be followed by adequate rest. But remember to keep a space of at least three hours after you have food before going to sleep.

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